About Me

WatikamKwe Personal Blog | News and Articles. Share our stories about the voices of women and from Papua. The reason that women are not inferior to men, together with them can lift them up to the dignity of friends

Here WatikamKwe only wants to share experiences, because interesting or impressive experiences are certainly hard to forget. An impressive experience can be in the form of happiness, funny events, or trials. An event will be memorable if we experience it ourselves. You can also share your experiences with others.

Like the WatiamKwe experience or in general for every human being as quoted above, why Watikam Kwe here wants to share because sharing with others they don't know is a pleasant thing for WatikamKwe.

There is nothing as beautiful as the stain for Watikam Kwe, and WatikamKwe are sure that you also have the same experience.

Try telling you what happened in life about what needs to be shared with others is very good, because we live in love and dependence on others.

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